Bastardgeist - Shift by brainlove

Live In The UK May 2011:

22/ Norwich - Playhouse, 23/ Cardiff - Ten Feet Tall
25/ Oxford - Christchurch Cathedral
26/ Newcastle - Culture Lab, 27/ Leeds - TBC
28/ London - BRNLV Festival, Brixton Windmill

Bastardgeist is the brainchild of Chicago-based musician Joel Midden. Through layers of kalimba, processed vocals, circuitous samples and found percussion he crafts atmospheric songs of singular vision and ambitious design.

Bastardgeist's self-titled debut explored the politics and isolation of sexuality through abstract lyrical fragments, ethereal washes of ambient texture and frank, heart-wrenching melodies.

Midden's newest singles, an AA-side comprising of two new songs "Shift" and "Winter Fog", mixes warm, autumnal synth lines that meld into gently insistent earworms, and marks an important point in Bastardgeist's development.

Listen to Bastardgeist's live session for WNUR radio

Early Press Excerpts for Bastardgeist:

"A bed of stimulating sonics... detailed yet uncluttered with a captivating beauty." - Shook Mag

"Bastardgeist (Joel Midden), comes equipped with the remarkable ability to display a breathtaking sonic exploration with only the most abstract of ingredients." - Music Fans Mic

"We were dumbfounded by how Bastardgeist produced his strange polyrhythmic experiments. We know now, they're due in no small part to a traditional kalimba and his own, unique ethereal voice" - WNUR Radio, Chicago

"With the ripped and distant loops of singing children (are they singing?), I imagine some futuristic archaeologist finding only that 1-second clip and them playing it over and over, trying to rebuild the past. But I suppose that's what I'm doing, playing this song over and over, trying to fabricate a story to this gentle 3-minute sample, of a moment, of a day, or a month, however long this feeling lasted." - Said The Gramaphone

Bastardgeist Album Sampler (Tracks 1-3)

Photographs: Jim Newberry